Quality Management

Our team of professed experts follows all the rules and regulations that we have set in our quality management system. We are striving to exceed our own quality standards that are already above the regular norms & qualities that are set in the industry. Every item such as Nitirc Acid, Sulphuric Acid, Red Liquid Mercury, Red Sulphur, Hydrochloric Acid, etc., prepared at our unit is precisely tested for its pH value & other quality parameters before the deliveries.

We are always prepared with a large volume of quality assured & well-packed products at our premises with which, we are able to conveniently meet all the urgent requirements of customers without any delays or compromise, in the process. Besides this, a large number of companies and individuals are getting associated with us due to our transparent & ethical business practices and profitable deals.  


Being a progress driven organization, we try our level best to explore all the upcoming opportunities which comes on our way, we can solidify the presence of our company in the respective field. We aim for attaining all the financial success while becoming the favorite choice of customers.

Infrastructural Advantages

Our premises is highly instrumental and experimental for running innovative & complex production processes in a well organized manner. It allows us to timely complete each order for Sulphuric Acid, Red Sulphur, Hydrochloric Acid, Red Liquid Mercury, Nitirc Acid and other items. And, also take care of the appropriate packaging and shipment of each item.

Why Us?

The reasons for which they are choosing us over other firms are:

  • Our commitment to supply superior quality items at industry leading price range.
  • Our customer integrated work strategies with professionalism and punctuality.
  • Our wide distribution network and excellent logistical facilities worldwide. 

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